The 1883 Schoolhouse

…home of the Encinitas Historical Society, where you’ll discover photographs, exhibits, research papers, oral histories and well-informed docents eager to share their passion for this unique city and its history.

Walk across the original wood floor and imagine yourself back in 1883, when the newly-built one-room schoolhouse was home to the town’s entire population of school age children – all eight of them.

Immerse yourself in the history of Encinitas, its landmarks and its people, and get to know how this beach-side community of fishermen and farmers evolved into the vibrant and fascinating city it is today. We look forward to seeing you and taking you on an unforgettable journey back in time…

Entry is free but donations are always welcome.

The Historical Society would not be here without the amazing Lloyd O’Connell!

He has been the cornerstone of support, passionate about history and keeping the past alive and thriving into the future. Lloyd will always be a huge part of the Schoolhouse.